Google Pigeon: A New Update for Local Search Results

Google has recently introduced a new update named Google Pigeon. Google has brought this update with an aim to improve the quality of its local search results.

Industry experts have expressed different opinions about the update. Some has said it to be one of the biggest update related to local search results; some said it to be not a major update at all. People are not anonymous update the impact of the update on search results. They are asking and sharing their views on various search engine forums. If you go through the discussion you will notice that most of the discussions are unclear, as everyone is just making speculations about the update. This speculation is there in the industry because Google has not said anything about the impact of the search results on Google search results.

Whatever the impact of the newly update on the search results, one thing is sure that Google has brought it to improve the quality of its search results and make it more user friendly. How can I say this? I can say this because Google introduces its all updates with the very same purpose. If you go in the past and see its major updates like Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird, you will easily recognize this truth. Google brought Penguin update to push down those websites in its search results which bring low quality links and through their low quality links want to manipulate Google search results in their favor. The search engine brought Panda update to punish those website which try to manipulate Google search results in their favor by thin content. The search engine brought Hummingbird to make its search results more practical. Now, this time it has brought Pigeon about which people are unsure whether it is a big update or not.


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